iCre8e is well above and beyond what we had come to expect from a website developer. Before, we had a template that did not offer many options or customization, major changes had to be submitted via email only. There was no option to talk to a company representative over the phone or in person. This made conveying our desires for our website rather difficult and we were very disappointed with the customer service. With iCre8e we have worked extensively with our developer, and she has explained in very easy terms how to create and manage our website. She has been willing to communicate via email and phone, any time of day, and well across the world as we are located in the USA. We love our new website and all the capabilities it has given us that we never had before. The traffic and business through our site has drastically increased. Thanks iCre8e!

Kathleen @ Lone Girl Photography

Before working with iCre8e we had lots of troubles with our old website. Updates and editing were done by the web developer only.  The process was long and expensive for every single changes requested.  iCre8e brought the best solutions to our business which is 100% self-managing control system.  We have 100% control over it.  The new website is working perfectly for our customers and the database, admin, accounts were all successfully managed throughout the months and this allows us to concentrate on servicing our clients rather than spending time on technical issues of the website.  Stuck in the office all day long it's now in the past!

Paul @MailnParcel

I am writing this brief message to give you a feedback from our organisation. We are very pleased and appreciate what you have done for us in designing our website. You have built up a huge work in a very short time and it is working well. The design is creative and easy to use. There are many things to learn but you always give hands when we are in need. Thank you very much.

Minh Tri @GDPTHQ